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Amazing timing

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  • Amazing timing

    Something truly amazing happened to me in the last month. I've been an independent contractor since 1990. I decided a year ago that I wanted out of contracting and to get what my Dad calls a "real job". I've been looking North America-wide for a position that would give my what I want and need in my life and career. I was interviewing with three organizations in Wisconsin, one in Arizona, one in Illinois, and two in Florida. I live in Wisconsin. One issue was a red flag for each of the organizations. The fact that I had been independent for so long, would I be happy "settling down" into a "real job". I was having difficulty with answering that question. I didn't really know the answer to that myself, so, how could I explain it to prospective employers? I've been working lately at one of my most consistent clients. Although they have an i, they have no RPG programmers. Those were downsized a few years ago. I've always enjoyed working there and have had an enriching experience. The problem was that most of the new development has been in .NET and not on the i. Their only programmer was a .NET person. I started seeing my work dwindle. The writing was on the wall. Then, right out of the blue, I was told last month that a position opened. The .NET prgogrammer was leaving and I was encouraged to apply. Wow, I jumped at the chance and I started on Monday. The timing part comes in because I had already signed up for classes to learn to drive semis. I was ready to chuck the whole I.T. scene and drive for Schneider. The problem with that was that long distance driving didn't exactly fit in with my lifestryle. But, I needed to do something to earn a more consistent income. So, with a week before beginning classes, I hear about the position opening. All I can say is: Whew that was a close one! I am so excited at what happened that I had to share it. Forgive me for gloating... Tom.