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Changing EQ settings for 2 or more songs in iTune

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  • Changing EQ settings for 2 or more songs in iTune

    I understand that there is a universal EQ setting, for the iTunes application, which after having been set, will act as a universal EQ setting, for all songs being played. I also understand that there is an individual EQ setting that may be set for each individual song, that will override the iTunes applications universal EQ setting. Instead of just setting the EQ setting for 1 song at a time, is there a way to select 2 or more songs, and then, change the EQ settings for all of the selected songs, at once?, (instead of having to select each song, and make the EQ settings change for each song, one at a time). Since I am approaching having 5,000 songs in iTunes, and do like the EQ settings to be set differently, on different songs, but hate having to set them individually, for each song - if there is a way to do this, that I have missed, this info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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    Re:Changing EQ settings for 2 or more songs in iTune

    Select all the files you want to change to the same setting. Right (control) click - get info. Set the Equalizer preset to what you want. Someone in the APPLE discussion forum (for iTunes) had the answer to this rather quickly... Thanks again everyone - the 'get info' menu command - was the secret...