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I'm still who I was before I was who I am...

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  • I'm still who I was before I was who I am...

    The new efnkay is the old efnkay sort of stripped of my former boarder stats and my karma rating, although I never fully understood how that was determined. I assumed a karma rating of positive 1 was something worthy to put on a forehead tattoo.

    No blame. No Problems. Re-registering or just logging back on after the forum upgrade was a struggle because my email address includes an embedded apostrophe common to boarders of Irish nationality or heritage. So the posts
    heretofore and thereafter from junior efnkay is still the same old efnkay. Not a descendent of the former...But another instantiation of efnkay. Yeah that's the ticket.

    My company uses punctuations found in employees last names to the detriment of some email address validations or however it may be used. So I had to re-up on the board. Glad to be a Junior boarder again. Shiny and wet. Heck I'm just glad to be alive.

    How bout you all...!!!

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    Art least you're allowed to exist here. So far. Many discussion sites will ban you if you tell the truth about certain 'sensitive' matters.


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      Wow cherev...You really dug deep to find this old post. I appreciate your reply but don't worry about being banned from this forum. You can say what's on your mind, that's why they called it "Shoot the Breeze".
      But keep on reading, there's lots of good i-series stuff here. Well...not neccessarily "here" (referring to my own post) but in all the other topics. Good luck!