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Zero Tolerance for Disrespect from Microsoft

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  • Zero Tolerance for Disrespect from Microsoft

    I recently phoned Microsoft support for assistance with the "Out of Office Assistant" feature as both my e-mail accounts use SMTP and POP – hence, no Out of Office Assistant feature.

    I originally wrote my e-mail of complaint to Steve Ballmer, who did not answer me. (Did you know that if you phone the Microsoft office in Redmond, you can type in Ballmer's name, but the automated voice mail system will not connect you.)

    Then I called and filled a formal complain with the Microsoft Response Management Team. I also sent them my e-mail.

    Here's my story: I had two very disappointing experiences with Microsoft Product Support Services. My first call was with technician who was very nice and tried to solve the problem, but could not.

    I worked on it a bit myself and thought I was onto something that might help solve the problem.

    I re-telephoned the Support Center a few days later and spoke to another tech, who very confidently told me he could solve the problem in 10 minutes. Two hours later, he did not solve the problem, but succeeded in sending out an absurd “test” e-mail to my entire address book, which he cavalierly dismissed. I ended the call there and then.

    Needless to say, I received countless replies from confused recipients. Many of the recipients are clients with whom I have a professional relationship and many are also Microsoft customers, and do not expect this kind of behavior.

    The second tech was not only arrogant and incompetent, but impertinent and condescending. My suggestion to Microsoft is that in case these techs are located offshore, Microsoft should consider training them to properly and respectfully treat customers. During the two hours on the phone, the second tech did nothing but express incessant disregard and disrespect for me as a customer and a professional – not to mention as a woman (OK, so now I did). He would not allow me to take control of my own cursor to show him something that the first tech and I discovered earlier that week. He would not allow me to explain something my husband, a software engineer, was trying to communicate.

    At one point I told him that his tone was insulting and this is intolerable.

    I am shocked that in 2010 this is the kind of “support” Microsoft provides to customers. My problem, by the way is still not resolved and I have spent countless hours doing damage control. Moreover, I cannot believe that Microsoft would allow a representative of the company to speak in such a condescending manner to anyone.

    I did get a fairly fast response - and apology as well as refund - from the Microsoft Customer and Partner Advocacy Specialist. While my complaint was logged, even in the event the review reveals that any employees or representatives acted inappropriately, Microsoft cannot share with me the details of any internal review.


    So I called the "new" support professional, who could also not solve the problem. I have since just given up and will look into it when I can…

    My whole point for posting this is that Microsoft should have better trained support technicians, who should know enough to just say "I can’t help you; let me get someone who can" versus taking up a great deal of my time, leading me on a wild goose chase, and being impertinent and disrespectful at the same time.

    Maria A. DeGiglio

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    When you call MS, you may not reach a voice in Redmond, WA. The voice you hear could be anywhere. MS takes it on good faith that the individual representing MS has been properly trained and actually knows something (anything) about your problem. The manner in which the entire support was organized should fully indicate that once you've paid for your package and agreed to the disclaimers, MS doesn't care.

    It could be worse. Most people I know that have had to deal with Oracle come away either shaking their head, or shaking their fists.



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      Hi Dave,

      Thank you for your post. Yeah, I realize it could be worse...I thought technology was supposed to make things a little better...


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        Technology DOES make things better. However, we still have to deal with people and they have NOT improved to make things better.


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          I think the offshore mentality is to see us merely as an "object of domination" we are just a "means to an end" to most of the offshore types. IE: they will profit by sweeping us under the rug. You are not seen or respected as to our culture standards. I use and love Google Gmail as my email service. I hope you get treated better in the future, you like every other human consumer on this planet deserve respect.
          Take care,
          Jack Hallaran


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            You might also look into zoho.com. That site can replace all M$ apps except perhaps M$-Poject. The drawback is that your connection to the Internet must be 100%, no downtime.

            Another alternative is a Linux distribution. PC magazine has been recommending Ubuntu v12.
            Others that have worked for business applications are Novell SuSE and Red Hat Fedora. See also: