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  • Prices of books on MC/Press

    Good lord! $71.00 for a book about free form subfiles? I mean come on.

    MCPress charges too much for all their books. I realize there is a cost involved to print and handle the books but I cant see myself buying one of those books for $71.00. I could find an article about it first at no cost. With the value of money today and the time it takes to earn it one would definitely think twice about spending that kind of money on an RPG book.

    Besides, what do you think you could sell it for after you bought it and wanted to get rid of it? Not much. Ever seen what they go for on EBay?

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    Originally posted by grfuste View Post
    Good lord! $71.00 for a book about free form subfiles? I mean come on.

    MCPress charges too much for all their books...
    But wait there's more! We'll double your order. That's two books for 19.95 plus 71.00 shipping and handling. And if you order in the next 10 minutes we'll add a comfy blanket with sleeves to wear while reading your new book. Keep one and sell the other one on EBay or put it under your pillow and learn while you sleep! Sorry couldn't resist. :-)


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      Value is a relative term. Would you research and write such a manuscript for $71? Consider the following:

      Naturalist John James Audubon's "Birds of America" sold at auction in London last December (2010) for $11.5 million, making it the world's most expensive book, according to the Los Angeles Times. The book, which was sold by the auction house Sotheby's, was purchased by Micahel Tollemache, a London art dealer.

      "Birds of America" is oversize--more than three feet tall and two feet wide--with 435 illustrations. When first published in 1827, the images were printed in black and white and then hand-colored by specialists.

      The combination of accuracy and artistry make Audubon's work unique. The first plate alone--of a wild turkey--could fetch $200,000, according to the Times.

      I'm sure your MC Press book will appreciate greatly over time. Just think, in 100 years--it could, like Audubon's work--be worth a fortune!
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        Originally posted by grfuste View Post
        Good lord! $71.00 for a book about free form subfiles?
        Thank you for the feedback about MC Press's book prices. A lot of thought and analysis goes into the decisions we make on our pricing. Each book is unique in terms of its content as well as the different costs we bear in the editing, production, printing, royalties, distribution, etc. We price our books based on our costs, on the value that is being delivered to the reader, and on what we think the market will support.

        A book's value, and consequently the price people are willing to pay for it, is in the "eye of the beholder." Those folks who need the information and understand its value to them are willing to spend the money. We have already received a lot of orders for the Subfiles book, so clearly many folks are okay with the pricing and consider this an important topic that they need to learn about.

        You might be interested to know that the previous edition of this book cost $79.00 when it was published in 2000. How many other products we buy still cost what they did 11 years ago? By that measure, the new Subfiles book might actually be a bargain!

        Thanks again for keeping us on our toes.

        Katie Tipton
        Book Editor, MC Press


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          I always felt that selling more of an item was better than selling less of an item.
          Example I would not buy the book at $70.00+ but I probably would at $30.00.
          So you would sell more books at $30.00 than at $70.00 and more people would have it, talk about it and share it.
          If more people have it then the likely hood that others will buy it increases which mean more sales.
          I would rather sell 10 books at $30.00 than 3 at $70.00.
          Yes the profit margin is lower at $30.00 but in the long run the more you sell the better.