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Replacing old system

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  • Replacing old system

    I'm not quite sure if this is the right place to place this question. I need some help. The company has an old model 9406 600. The system is running on V4R5. There are about 30 users on this system. The company would like to replace this old system because for whatever reason the battery starts beeping and the system goes down for no apparent reason. I have look in the history log and have not been able to locate anything about this problem. So, how does one goes about getting a quote on a newer system? From what I can remember you have to give a list of software to whomever is going to get you a quote on a new system, isn't this correct? Also, what model would you guys recommend? Should I be contacting IBM about this? Any help/information would be greatly appreciated.

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    Please perform a WRKACTJOB, and a WRKDSKSTS to determine how much disk space you have, and how much is actually being used. Similarly, determine how much core you have, and what percentage of that is being used.

    This is simplistic, but it will help in the determination of which system to get.



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      new system

      Man, if you want to buy a new system, IBM and their business partners will be falling all over you!

      Call IBM and they should be able to get you started.

      When you say your battery starts beeping and the system goes down, I assume you mean an uninterruptable power supply (UPS).

      If the UPS is more than say 3 or 4 years old, it is possible that the battery will no longer hold a charge and for some reason, the UPS is shutting down, thus powering off the 9406.

      If the power supply in your area is reliable (no outages for thunderstorms, etc), you may want to test by disconnecting the UPS and plugging the 9406 into the wall outlet directly. See if you get the same failure or not.

      AS400 (I, Iseries, whatever) are notoriously reliable. If you have a hardware maintenance contract with anyone, have them take a look.

      That being said, the new hardware is very fast, small, and pretty cheap.