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Restoring journals/journal receivers

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  • Restoring journals/journal receivers

    I am attempting to restore some librarys to a test partition. We're using V5R3 with no plans to upgrade. The two librarys I'll call library-1 and library-2. Library-1 has a journal called library-1. Files from library-1 and library-2 are journaled to it.

    When I restore the librarys the journal is there and the old journal receivers (eight of them) are there but are not connected to the journal. Instead there is a new receiver attached.

    In the receiver directory are receivers

    Receiver Library Number Date Status Date
    LIBRAR4735 LIBRARAY-1 00001 11/01/09 SAVED 01/13/10
    LIBRAR4736 LIBRARAY-1 00002 11/08/09 SAVED 01/13/10
    LIBRAR4737 LIBRARAY-1 00003 11/15/09 SAVED 01/13/10
    LIBRAR4738 LIBRARAY-1 00004 11/22/09 SAVED 01/13/10
    LIBRAR4739 LIBRARAY-1 00005 11/29/09 SAVED 01/13/10
    LIBRAR4740 LIBRARAY-1 00006 12/06/09 SAVED 01/13/10
    LIBRAR4741 LIBRARAY-1 00007 12/13/09 SAVED 01/13/10
    LIBRAR4742 LIBRARAY-1 00008 12/20/09 SAVED 01/13/10
    LIBRAR4743 LIBRARAY-1 00009 12/27/09 SAVED 01/13/10
    LIBRAR4744 LIBRARAY-1 00010 01/03/10 SAVED 01/13/10
    LIBRAR4745 LIBRARAY-1 00011 01/09/10 SAVED 01/13/10
    LIBRAR4746 LIBRARAY-1 00012 01/10/10 PARTIAL 01/13/10
    LIBRAR5746 LIBRARAY-1 01001 02/23/10 ATTACHED 00/00/00

    The last one is the one currently attached. When I look at the associated receivers for LIBRAR4746 it only shows the previous receiver. When I look at LIBRAR5746 there are no previous receivers.

    I did try a option 9 - Associate receivers with journal from WRKJRN.

    I also tried to create a new library. Restored only the journal. Then restored the files less the journal and recievers, then restored the receivers and tried the option 9.

    The testing that is to be done requires these old receivers.

    Is it possible to attach them and if so how?