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SNMP on iSeries v5r3

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  • SNMP on iSeries v5r3

    Hi All... I have a question regarding the use of the SNMP agent on the iSeries. I have an external SNMP management system running on an external Win2000 server. This system is currently set to receive trap messages from a variety of systems on our network - routhers, swithces, other Windows and Linux boxes, etc... I am really interested in trying to get our iSeries to participate in this environment... I have downloaded a RedBook on configuring SNMP on the iSeries, but I am curious what types of information I can get to my Mgmt station with it... For example - is it possible to have messages/errors that are sent to the QSYSOPR MSGQ sent to my management station as traps? I would also like to start monitoring disk usage, etc (the basics really) with this - but it would be pretty slick if the MSGQ thing works like that. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks much!