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ODBC Error over VPN.

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  • ODBC Error over VPN.

    Hello, Wondering if anyone has experienced this problem. I am trying to use a product called Proformance Navigator. It uses a ODBC connection to the files in the Performance Data library. I can get a ODBC connection to the iSeries when I am on the local network. If I am at home using the VPN, I get the error ODBC RC=8500 error, and I need to make sure I am setup in the ODBC policies. I have talked to both IBM and the Vendor, and they have been no help. Does anyone have any ideas on where I should look. Oh... I am able to connect to a Wintel Box over VPN using ODBC. Thanks...

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    Re:ODBC Error over VPN.

    Take a look here: http://forums.systeminetwork.com/isn...p?t-48786.html Basically, the policy of your Operations Navigator needs to be set to allow ODBC on your home PC. Bill