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Have you seen, "The IBM Test?"

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  • Have you seen, "The IBM Test?"

    Pat, If it's the standard logic test from IBM and SRI labs then, I have taken it when I interviewed for an S.E. position at IBM. It's a generic test, albeit daunting, somewhat similar to logic questions you'd see on an SAT test. I think it's an appropriate test for a programmer. However, I wouldn't give that test simply because it takes too long and will be intimidating for some candidates. A test shouldn't last more than 20-30 minutes. BTW, once a test is given for a single candidate for a position, it must be given to ALL candidates for that position or it can't be used in evaluating any of the candidates. I like to give AS/400 programmers a test that is no more than 2 pages with questions ranging from simple to almost impossible to answer. They don't take a long time to answer and I never expect them all to be correct, but the test gives me a good idea as to where the person's knowledge is regarding an AS/400. I also throw in a few operational and non-AS/400 type questions (possibly web programming or VB, depending on the current state of our shop) just to see if their knowledge branches out from the AS/400. Since my interviews focus more on personality than skills, the test is just a gatekeeper thing. chuck Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of my employer. "Pat Erickson" wrote in message news:1e94f3b7.35@WebX.WawyahGHajS... > Well, Susan, you hadn't indicated that you've seen that test, and I won't be able to revive many details of it from my memory as of 8 years ago, so I'll just say that I found it "Horrendous, Never-to-Be-Seen-Of-Again-In-Any-Workplace" and leave it at that. > > Though now that I think about it more, sometimes these tests are used to eliminate all candidates but the one an employer has already decided on, who is a foreigner entering the country on a VISA. State and Federal Statutes require employers advertise the job even though they secretly want a particular candidate, who of course is somehow privy to the test answers. This unlawful hiring practice has been confirmed to me by both State Authorities and Independent Recruiters as something of a fairly commonplace occurence. > > > Anyways, Susan, you should see the test before responding further. > >