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Creating Page Segments

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  • Creating Page Segments

    Hi, I have a problem thats giving me plenty of grey hairs On a daily basis we print barcoded shop travelers, based on the previous nights orders, using a PRTF with AFPDS. Now we would like to print a small image in the corner of the shop traveler for visual use on the floor. The images have been downsized and stored in a GIF format on an NT box. I can create page segments using the C/A Express AFP Workbench utility manually and move them to the IFS. Once there its easy to create a segment for DDS (CPYFRMSTMF,CRTPAGSEG) dynamically and then send them to an IBM Infoprint 40. From reading the IBM manuals it appears that the IOCA format is required for CRTPAGSEG and thats what I[*]thought* the AFP Workbench viewer produced. I've tried a couple of PC packages (Hijaak Pro, ImagePro) to convert the GIF files to IBM's IOCA format (because their capable of performing batch conversions). Testing has indicated that the AFP print driver via Workbench produces a different file layout/size than the converted IOCA formats. The ICA files won't make it thru CVTPAGSEG without errors. Was wondering if anyone has had success creating page segments dynamically, in a batch mode on the PC, using the AFP Windows print driver. Am not sure if this is the smartest way to accomplish what we want but seemed logical. I welcome any and all suggestions Thanks, Terry