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EM5250 Connection to the AS/400

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  • EM5250 Connection to the AS/400

    I have a Packard Bell PC. I have installed an IBM EM5250 card on this PC. I have configure the PC to work on this PC. However, I can not get it to work. I have find out that this card is conflicting with the sound/phone/fax card on the PC. Because, if I remove the sound/phone/fax cardthe em5250 works just fine. I have try to change the IRQ's on com1 but so far it has not work. I have try to start em5250 on safe mode; meanning that no divers are install on the PC that way I eliminate the chances of drivers conflicting with each other. Does anyone has any more ideas as to how I should be going about this? Any help on this would be greatly appreciatted. Thank you in advanced. m..rivera@worldnet.att.net