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    I am trying to create a Web Folder in the Windows Explorer in my pc with Windows 95, there I enter the URL of the AS/400 (V4R2), but the error appears "Cannot connect to the Web Server, The server could not be locate or may be too busy to respond. Please check your typing or check to make sure the Web Server is available. For details see c:windows empwecerr.txt" . If I connect to the same URL via the browser (IE 5) it shows me the content of the directory Reports. I need to create this Web Folder to store the reports of Crystal Reports there and this way to create them as Web Reports. The questions are: Why I am not able to create a Web Folder? Should I configure something more? Thanks in Advance Configuration of the Instance: == == == == == == == == == == == = Configuration Name . . . : REPORTS 00010 HTTP CONFIGURATION FILE 00020 HostName 00030 Port 8200 00040 USERID% %SERVER%% 00050 BINDSPECIFIC ON 00060 DNS-Lookup Off 00080 PASS / * /REPORTS / * 00090 AlwaysWelcome Off 00100 DirAccess On 00110 ENABLE GET 00120 ENABLE POST 00130 DISABLE HEAD Error File: WECERR.TXT == == == == == == == == 8/23/2000 15:21:16 HTTP 500 THIS SERVER IS NOT CONFIGURED TO HANDLE POST ERROR 500 THIS SERVER IS NOT CONFIGURED TO HANDLE POST IBM Internet Connection Server for AS400 4.1