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as/400 sessions slow down/lockup

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  • as/400 sessions slow down/lockup

    I have been trying to solve a problem with a handful of pc's for the past six weeks. The pc's will slow down or the sessions will go in wait state ever so often. I am running os/400 V4R5. The pc's are running either client access or Ibm personal communications. Running windows 95. All my ptfs are current. We are running tcpip. The workstations with the problem are all on the same IP gateway. This gateway shares two buildings and are tied togethe with fiber. I am in lets say building "a" and the problem PC's are in building "b". I can take a pc from building "a" and use the same cabling and port that a problem PC in building "b" is using and have no problems. (physically move a pc from "a" to "b" and put the pc in the exact location and cabling as the probem pc.) I can reverse the scenario and move the problem pc from building "b" to Building "a" and the problem will pc will run fine. Since they are on the same gateway no Tcpip changes are made. With the problem Pc I can copy a 5 or 6 meg file from an application server in just a few seconds. I do not think this a as/400 problem but I can not tell if it is a network problem either. Any light or information would be great. No other sights are complaing about as/400 problems. It is just these few. I have totally flattened one pc and reconfiguerd but to no avail. Thanks Lee Russell