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CODE Navigator and looooooonnnnnnnnggggg field names

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  • CODE Navigator and looooooonnnnnnnnggggg field names

    The CODE Navigator feature seems like it could be quite useful, if only it could be enhanced to work with looooonnnnggggg procedure names. These days, the majority of our code is created as procedures within *NOMAIN modules, exposed via *SRVPGMs. Our naming conventions call for creating procedures with intuitive, descriptive names, an example is: ************************************************** ************************** ****************** * @Method: pCertificateDelinquentDate * @Description: Process the certificate delinquent date * @Author: First Last * @Date: mm/dd/yy * @Parm: Certificate Delinquent Date * @Return: Error Flag ************************************************** ************************** ****************** P pSetCertificateDelinquentDate... P B EXPORT *-------Procedure Interface D pSetCertificateDelinquentDate... D PI LIKE(wErrorMessage) D wCertificateDelinquentDate... D LIKE(wNumericDate) CONST C EVAL wNumericDate = wCertificateDelinquentDate (lots of stuff here) C RETURN wErrorMessage P E The problem is that when I bring up Navigator, all I see are a bunch of boxes with no names. Apparently, it doesn't understand the '...' continuation syntax, and is assuming the procedure/subroutine names are on the same line as the definition. Anyone else come across this issue? John.