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Data capture solution

VendorData Systems International (DSI)

Promenix provides Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) services to help companies integrate their business applications to create an information infrastructure that moves data in a timely and efficient manner. These applications may include ERP packag ...

VendorPromenix, Inc.

Proposion N2N

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Proposion N2N integrates Lotus Domino and related technologies into Microsoft's new .NET Framework and Visual Studio.NET development tools.

VendorProposion, Inc.

SSA OnePoint Services (OPS) is a "total care" offering of consulting, support, and services designed to deliver fast, flexible, and coordinated responses to immediate and long-term business requirements. It helps define and solve the right problem, with t ...

VendorSSA Global Technologies, Inc.

SSA Warehouse Management (WMS) helps plan, execute, monitor, and optimize complex inventory requirements, so that customers are assured of having the desired product at the right place, at the right time, in the right combination. It enables end-to-end fu ...

VendorSSA Global Technologies, Inc.


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Legacy application to web solution: Automatic solution driven by a derived data model.

VendorDataborough Services

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