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09-23-13One Click Away: Where Does the Data Come From?Kevin Corcoran10299
12-17-12Technology Focus: Electronic Commerce Apps and ServicesJohn Ghrist10533
10-10-12Navigating the Tortuous Road of Electronic Data InterchangeDavid Shirey4566
09-10-12Instrumentation and Automation Fuel Customer Experience Data CollectionArvind Sathi3883
05-14-12Where GS1 Item Alignment Is Now and Where It's HeadedJeff Holzman7059
09-13-10Improving the Supply Chain Through Global StandardsGuest.Visitor19794
03-12-07Item Alignment: Bringing Accuracy and Efficiency to the Supply Chain with GDSNGuest.Visitor8539
10-24-05E-Biz Applications: Beyond the Web3Com Corporation7025
07-25-05Credit Where Credit Is DueJoe Pluta7294
07-18-05Trade Efficiently and Globally via the Global Data Synchronization NetworkGuest.Visitor10002
07-04-05E-Business On Demand: A Journey, Not a DestinationKameron Cole6075
02-02-04Do You See UCCnet?Mike Faust11168
12-30-02Electronic Data Interchange via the InternetMike Faust7800
12-09-02Invisible E-Commerce--Transaction Processing over the InternetEden Watt6814
04-12-02The Role of Enterprise Management for Internet ServicesMC Press Contributing Author3473
03-01-01Using LDAP for an E-business User RegistryGuest.Visitor4347
12-01-00A Pattern for E-businessDon Denoncourt4253
12-01-00Data Interchange for E-commerce: Making Computers TalkEden Watt4187
12-01-00Roles for E-business: The New ThanksgivingGuest.Visitor3609
07-01-00Serving E-commerce Securely3Com Corporation3445
03-01-00E-commerce: Getting There QuicklyShannon O'Donnell3603
01-01-00AS/400e Means E-businessGuest.Visitor3365
11-01-99Make It Your E-businessMC Press Contributing Author3351
09-01-99Get Down to E-businessMC Press Contributing Author3358
07-01-99A Roadmap for E-businessDon Denoncourt3360
06-01-99Shopping Around for E-commerce Solutions3Com Corporation3360
10-01-98How to Sell Management on E-commerceGuest.Visitor3538
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