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11-04-19RPG Academy: Database Modernization—Methodology, Part 2Rafael Victoria-Pereira630
10-31-19Practical RPG: Putting Help in ContextJoe Pluta725
09-26-19Practical RPG: Service Programs—WhenJoe Pluta1724
09-03-19RPG Academy: Database Modernization - Methodology, Part 1Rafael Victoria-Pereira1204
09-03-19Practical RPG: Service Programs—HowJoe Pluta1640
07-29-19Practical RPG: Service Programs–Why?Joe Pluta2287
04-29-19RPG Academy - Modernization: Guidelines for Modernization Goals, Part 3Rafael Victoria-Pereira1509
04-02-19RPG Academy - Modernization: Guidelines for Modernization Goals, Part 2Rafael Victoria-Pereira1446
03-04-19RPG Academy - Modernization: Guidelines for Modernization Goals, Part 1Rafael Victoria-Pereira1593
02-06-19Introduction to Runtime Arrays in ILE RPGJim Buck3264
01-31-19RPG Academy – Modernization: Setting Your Modernization GoalsRafael Victoria-Pereira1213
01-05-19RPG Academy - Modernization: Tips to Avoid the Pains of ModernizationRafael Victoria-Pereira1364
01-05-19Practical RPG: A National Language Support ShortcutJoe Pluta1783
11-30-18Practical RPG: QUSLOBJ, the Next Level of Object Information RetrievalJoe Pluta2049
11-29-18RPG Academy - Modernization: Let’s Talk About the BenefitsRafael Victoria-Pereira1363
11-07-18ILE RPG Tutorial: Using CALLP to Call an ILE ProgramDavid Shirey2717
11-05-18Practical RPG: Using QUSROBJD in Free-Format RPGJoe Pluta3075
11-05-18RPG Academy—Modernization: Is Your Application Worth Modernizing?Rafael Victoria-Pereira1094
09-27-18Scary RPG Developer HabitsBrian May3410
09-25-18Practical IFS: Authorities and the IFSJoe Pluta2770
09-19-183 Steps to Better Application ModernizationRafael Victoria-Pereira1234
07-23-18Practical RPG: New RPG FeaturesJoe Pluta2339
07-23-18Introduction to ILE RPG Activation GroupsDavid Shirey2861
07-17-18RPG Academy – Modernization: Why, What, Where, and HowRafael Victoria-Pereira2139
06-28-18Using Keys and Output Opcodes in /Free ILE RPGDavid Shirey2143
06-28-18RPG Academy: Debug Done Right – Debugging Batch JobsRafael Victoria-Pereira2066
06-28-18Practical RPG: Manipulating TimestampsJoe Pluta2180
06-05-18ILE RPG Prototyping PrimerDavid Shirey1740
06-04-18Training New RPG DevelopersBrian May5781
04-30-18Practical RDi: Exploring RDi 9.6, Part 3Joe Pluta3310
04-25-18RPG Academy: Debug Done Right - A Step-by-Step Debug Session, Part 2Rafael Victoria-Pereira2319
03-30-18Practical RDi: Exploring RDi 9.6, Part 2Joe Pluta3305
03-02-18Practical RDi: Exploring RDi 9.6, Part 1Joe Pluta5342
03-02-18ILE Tutorial: How to Use Embedded Sub-Procedures Within a ProgramDavid Shirey3175
01-25-18Practical RPG: NULLs in DDS-Defined FilesJoe Pluta3551
01-25-18RPG Academy: Debug Done Right - You Can Debug Anything! Rafael Victoria-Pereira2748
01-15-18A New IDE for Your RPGSteve Pitcher9570
01-02-18Practical RPG: A Utility Program to Build OnJoe Pluta3085
01-02-18RPG Academy: Debug Done Right - A Step-by-Step Debug Session, Part 1Rafael Victoria-Pereira3034
12-04-17Practical RPG: APIs, Part 3 - Complex ParametersJoe Pluta3118
11-20-17IBM i Salaries Falling BehindDavid Shirey902
10-31-17How MVC Can Simplify and Modernize Your IBM i ApplicationsDavid Shirey4093
10-30-17RPG Academy: Debug Done Right - Working with Watch ConditionsRafael Victoria-Pereira2836
10-30-17Practical RPG: APIs, Part 2 - Changing Objects Using the QLICOBJD APIJoe Pluta3361
10-02-17Clean Up Your Mess! With RPG’s On-Exit Brian May5249
10-02-17Practical RPG: APIs, Part 1 - Error HandlingJoe Pluta4343
08-31-17ILE RPG Service Programs: a TutorialDavid Shirey8138
08-29-17RPG Academy: Debug Done Right - Working with BreakpointsRafael Victoria-Pereira3959
07-26-17Practical RPG: Loading an Array Using %LOOKUP's Subarray SyntaxJoe Pluta5816
07-19-17Book Review: 21st Century RPG: /Free, ILE, and MVCRafael Victoria-Pereira3093
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