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02-28-23Introduction to /Free I/O StatementsDavid Shirey792
02-27-23Creating and Using Files: Data Types and Data StorageJim Buck498
01-31-23Creating and Using Files: SQL Database ConceptsJim Buck1034
01-03-23Creating and Using Files: IBM Database ConceptsJim Buck840
11-25-22Program Flow Using Free Format, Part 1Jim Martin1283
10-24-22Input/Output Using Free Format, Part 2Jim Martin1090
10-03-22Input/Output Using Free Format, Part 1Jim Martin2205
09-06-22/Free Control Statements, Part 2David Shirey1084
08-01-22Free-Format RPG: Printing Without O-Specs or an Externally Defined Printer FileSam Lennon3560
08-01-22/Free Control Statements, Part 1David Shirey1525
07-01-22Introducing Free-Format RPG IV, Part 3Jim Martin2375
05-31-22Introducing Free-Format RPG IV, Part 2Jim Martin1869
04-26-22Introducing Free-Format RPG IV, Part 1Jim Martin2682
04-05-22ILE Activation Groups, Part 3David Shirey1242
02-28-22ILE Activation Groups, Part 2David Shirey1547
01-31-22ILE Activation Groups, Part 1David Shirey2018
01-13-22Getting Started: Free vs. Fixed and Internal Documentation in ILE RPG ProgrammingJim Buck3006
01-04-22Getting Started: Building the ILE RPG Program and Navigating Legacy CodeJim Buck2438
12-09-21Getting Started: Sections & a Sample of ILE RPG ProgramsJim Buck4385
11-01-21ILE Binding Language, Part 2David Shirey1912
07-20-21Binding DirectoriesDavid Shirey2483
07-20-21ILE Binding Language, Part 1David Shirey3261
07-19-21IBM i Coding Using VS CodeSam Lennon8706
07-06-21Diving Deeper into RPG /FreeDavid Shirey2418
06-10-21Service Program Compile StuffDavid Shirey3419
05-04-21Why /Free in RPG?David Shirey1787
04-15-21More Prototyping StuffDavid Shirey2073
03-09-21ILE RPG Prototyping Primer KeywordsDavid Shirey2381
01-29-21RPG Academy: UI Modernization, Part 7 - Rational Open Access VendorsRafael Victoria-Pereira2238
01-04-21RPG Academy: UI Modernization, Part 6 - Introducing Rational Open AccessRafael Victoria-Pereira2867
11-30-20RPG Academy: UI Modernization, Part 5 - From ILE to MVC, ExplainedRafael Victoria-Pereira2393
11-02-20RPG Academy: UI Modernization, Part 4 - MVC Layers ExplainedRafael Victoria-Pereira2477
10-02-20RPG Academy: UI Modernization, Part 3—Introducing the MVCRafael Victoria-Pereira2588
08-27-20RPG Academy: UI Modernization, Part 2—Multi-Tier Architecture ImplementationsRafael Victoria-Pereira2822
08-04-20RPG Academy: UI Modernization, Part 1 - Laying the FoundationsRafael Victoria-Pereira2765
06-29-20Practical RDi: Keeping the Object Table View in PerspectiveJoe Pluta3280
06-01-20RPG Academy: Database Modernization - Methodology, Part 9Rafael Victoria-Pereira2020
05-01-20RPG Academy: Database Modernization - Methodology, Part 8Rafael Victoria-Pereira1953
05-01-20Practical RPG: Encapsulating Your Data with Extension Files, Part 4Joe Pluta2298
03-30-20RPG Academy: Database Modernization - Methodology, Part 7Rafael Victoria-Pereira3515
03-03-20RPG Academy: Database Modernization - Methodology, Part 6Rafael Victoria-Pereira3705
02-28-20Practical RPG: Encapsulating Your Data with Extension Files, Part 3Joe Pluta3253
01-31-20RPG Academy: Database Modernization—Methodology, Part 5Rafael Victoria-Pereira2705
01-30-20Practical RPG: Encapsulating Your Data with Extension Files, Part 2Joe Pluta3124
01-08-20RPG Academy: Database Modernization—Methodology, Part 4Rafael Victoria-Pereira2474
01-08-20Practical RPG: Encapsulating Your Data with Extension Files, Part 1Joe Pluta4440
12-03-19Practical RPG: Moving Your Help to Panel GroupsJoe Pluta5970
12-03-19RPG Academy: Database Modernization - Methodology, Part 3Rafael Victoria-Pereira2990
11-04-19RPG Academy: Database Modernization—Methodology, Part 2Rafael Victoria-Pereira2746
10-31-19Practical RPG: Putting Help in ContextJoe Pluta2959
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