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08-19-15The API Corner: Moving Jobs Within and Across Job QueuesBruce Vining7995
07-15-15The API Corner: What Time Zone Do You Want That Date and Time In?Bruce Vining9642
06-17-15The API Corner: How Do You Want That Date and Time?Bruce Vining5862
05-20-15The API Corner: What's the Status of My Data Queue?Bruce Vining6353
04-15-15The API Corner: What Was the Change in This Record?Bruce Vining4166
04-03-15TechTip: Ruby Talks to DB2 for iAaron Bartell5030
03-18-15The API Corner: So Just What Changed in This Record?Bruce Vining6460
02-18-15The API Corner: Regaining Control in Your ProgramBruce Vining3898
01-21-15The API Corner: More on Counting Active JobsBruce Vining2671
12-17-14The API Corner: Counting Active Jobs by Subsystem and/or UserBruce Vining4848
11-19-14The API Corner: Saving Only Physical Files in a LibraryBruce Vining3730
10-13-14Implement a Service-Oriented Architecture with REST APIsMichael Sansoterra13728
08-20-14The API Corner: Getting Directions Using Inquiry MessagesBruce Vining3799
07-16-14The API Corner: Trying to Allocate an Object?Bruce Vining3496
06-18-14The API Corner: Problems Allocating an Object?Bruce Vining6011
05-21-14The API Corner: Monitoring Data Changes within Your DatabaseBruce Vining3344
04-16-14The API Corner: Accessing System InformationBruce Vining4286
03-19-14The API Corner: Saving Individual User ProfilesBruce Vining3908
02-19-14The API Corner: Determining How Many and What Jobs Are Currently ActiveBruce Vining3651
01-03-14Book Review: IBM System i APIs at Work, Second EditionJon Paris10053
12-18-13The API Corner: Determining Whether Jobs Are Currently ActiveBruce Vining3921
11-20-13The API Corner: Verifying That Nothing Has Changed, Part 2Bruce Vining3770
10-16-13The API Corner: Verifying That Nothing Has ChangedBruce Vining6335
09-18-13The API Corner: Manipulating a Job's Library ListBruce Vining4441
08-21-13The API Corner: Accessing Job Queue EntriesBruce Vining6102
07-17-13The API Corner: Monitoring a Job Queue from an RPG Application ProgramBruce Vining5175
06-19-13The API Corner: Monitoring a Job QueueBruce Vining8484
05-15-13The API Corner: Just What Release Am I On?Bruce Vining4008
05-01-13Simon's Solutions: Exploring the QSCMATPG and QSCCRTPG APIsJunlei Li3330
03-20-13The API Corner: Determining Key ValuesBruce Vining4146
02-20-13The API Corner: Diagnosing Decimal Data ErrorsBruce Vining5033
02-06-13Simon's Solutions: Prepared to Be Surprised by QCMD?Junlei Li6023
01-18-13TechTip: Implement Your Own DLTOBJ Command via the Undocumented QLIDLOBJ APIJunlei Li5854
01-16-13The API Corner: Detecting Decimal Data ErrorsBruce Vining4372
12-19-12The API Corner: In Search of Decimal Data ErrorsBruce Vining3780
11-21-12The API Corner: Processing the QLOCALE System ValueBruce Vining3876
10-17-12The API Corner: Performing CCSID Conversions Under Program ControlBruce Vining3998
09-19-12The API Corner: Accessing System ValuesBruce Vining5135
08-15-12The API Corner: In Search of System ValuesBruce Vining4831
07-18-12The API Corner: Improving Performance by Caching Results Bruce Vining3354
06-20-12The API Corner: Providing Access to an Application Function, Part IIBruce Vining3323
05-16-12The API Corner: Providing Access to an Application Function Bruce Vining3821
04-18-12The API Corner: Accessing a Command Line Bruce Vining5214
03-21-12The API Corner: More on UNIX-Type Time ValuesBruce Vining3654
03-09-12TechTip: GPS Mode of the Geo Map Chart: Generate Professional-Grade Charts in Your ProgramsRafael Victoria-Pereira5868
03-02-12Cool Things: A Simple Utility for Sending HTML Emails on the IBM i Mike Faust15280
02-15-12The API Corner: Understanding and Using UNIX-Type Time Values Bruce Vining4712
01-18-12The API Corner: Renaming and Moving Objects Doesn't Have to Be DifficultBruce Vining4428
12-21-11The API Corner: Deleting Objects Bruce Vining4490
11-18-11TechTip: Exploring GeoNames Web Services, Part IV: Find Nearby Wikipedia EntriesRafael Victoria-Pereira6336
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