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05-06-21Organizing for Data GovernanceSunil Soares797
05-14-18A Small Intro to Big Data, Part 4: Are Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence the Same Thing?Rafael Victoria-Pereira2829
11-14-17Get Control of Your Organization's Big Data with a Data Governance PlanSunil Soares3412
10-17-175 Building Blocks of a Successful Data Governance ProgramSunil Soares4647
10-16-17A Small Intro to Big Data, Part 3: HFDS and the MapReduce AlgorithmRafael Victoria-Pereira2354
09-11-17TechTip: Watson APIs - Visual RecognitionDavid Shirey2646
08-15-17A Small Intro to Big Data, Part 2: Introducing the Hadoop FrameworkRafael Victoria-Pereira3262
08-14-17Watson for i: Watson Can Help Forge Links in Your Supply ChainJohn Ghrist2714
08-14-17How Small Businesses Can Harness IBM WatsonSteve Pitcher5671
07-12-17TechTip: IBM Renames Its Watson ProductsDavid Shirey2130
06-23-17A Small Intro to Big Data, Part 1Rafael Victoria-Pereira1941
06-19-17Watson for i: IBM Watson Does Marketing, TooJohn Ghrist3636
04-14-17Eye on the i World: How IBM Watson Analytics Can Assist with IBM i Business Intelligence TasksJohn Ghrist2574
02-02-17TechTip: Watson, APIs, and You, Part 1David Shirey6981
01-13-17Big Data for Small CompaniesSteve Pitcher5710
12-16-16Six Key Drivers That Push Your Business ForwardMark Denchy4696
01-22-16Setting Data Policies, Standards, and ProcessesSunil Soares20368
11-02-15CAMSS in Conversation: AnalyticsSteve Pitcher11626
08-10-15Practical Analytics for IBM i UsersNew Generation Software, Inc.2731
06-08-15Data Governance Tools: Answering Your Data Profiling QuestionsSunil Soares3305
03-27-15Book Review: The Chief Data Officer Handbook for Data Governance Inderpal Bhandari3029
02-13-15Book Review: 5 Keys to Business Analytics Program SuccessKesar Sandhu2533
02-09-15The Chief Data Officer AgendaSunil Soares2773
01-12-15Data Access on IBM i: Is It Time to Upgrade from Query/400?Help Systems, LLC2515
09-26-14Case Study: HelpSystems' SEQUEL Data AccessJoel Klebanoff3002
04-28-14Data Access in a Big Data WorldHelp Systems, LLC2906
04-21-14Technology Focus: IBM i BI in the Era of Big DataJohn Ghrist4129
01-27-14Analytics and Data Warehousing: The Power of SimplificationBill Langston3674
12-16-13Technology Focus: Expanding Data Intensifies Database Maintenance TasksJohn Ghrist3481
12-09-13Trends in Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, and AnalyticsThomas Stockwell3688
10-14-13Set Realistic Business Goals with Cognos ExpressThomas Stockwell3110
07-12-13Book Review: IBM InfoSphere: A Platform for Big Data Governance and Process Data Governance Thomas Stockwell2731
07-08-13Extracting Meaning from Unstructured Text to Enrich Master DataSunil Soares3071
05-10-13Book Review: Customer Experience Analytics Bill Rice3729
05-03-13Book Review: Big Data Analytics: Disruptive Technologies for Changing the Game Thomas Stockwell3416
03-29-13Big Data Governance: An Emerging ImperativeThomas Stockwell4609
03-18-13Technology Focus: Business Intelligence Tools for IBM iJohn Ghrist4195
12-10-12Drivers for Big DataArvind Sathi3955
11-12-12An Introduction to Big Data GovernanceSunil Soares3545
05-11-12The Business Is in the CloudChris Smith4070
03-26-12Distributed or Centralized Database: What's Best for Your Organization?Mike Cain10823
03-16-12Book Review: Selling Information Governance to the BusinessThomas Stockwell4186
03-12-12Be Nice. Share Your DataVision Solutions, Inc.3454
02-06-12Technology Focus: Basic Database Query Tools Still Have a Place at the TableJohn Ghrist5319
11-28-11Selling Information Governance to the BusinessSunil Soares3918
09-30-11QuickLook: New Generation Software NGS-IQ Release 7.0 New Generation Software, Inc.1353
09-30-11QuickLook: NGS-IQ Release 7.0 from New Generation SoftwareNew Generation Software, Inc.4856
09-26-11Unraveling the Mysteries of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence on IBM iAlan Jordan4740
08-26-11Partner TechTip: Deliver Critical Enterprise-Wide Data to Your Users Quickly and EasilyFloyd Del Muro3976
07-25-11Real-Time Database Sharing: What Can It Do for Your Business?Vision Solutions, Inc.4610
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