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04-06-20SQL 101: Using ILE RPG Functions as SQL UDFsRafael Victoria-Pereira14
03-04-20SQL 101: Using ILE RPG Programs and Procedures as SQL Stored Procedures, Part 2Rafael Victoria-Pereira966
02-12-20SQL 101: Using ILE RPG Programs and Procedures as SQL Stored Procedures, Part 1Rafael Victoria-Pereira1387
01-15-20SQL 101: Flipping It—Using RPG Code in SQLRafael Victoria-Pereira1691
12-09-19SQL 101: Embedding Other SQL Statements in Your RPG CodeRafael Victoria-Pereira2039
10-04-19SQL 101: Ultra-Flexible Cursors—The Beauty of PREPARERafael Victoria-Pereira1851
08-12-19SQL 101: Killing Open Query File Operations with SQL CursorsRafael Victoria-Pereira2228
07-09-19SQL 101: Using SQL Cursors to Replace Record-Level Data Access, Part 2Rafael Victoria-Pereira2318
06-11-19SQL 101: Using SQL Cursors to Replace Record-Level Data Access, Part 1Rafael Victoria-Pereira2249
04-08-19SQL 101: Your First Embedded SQL FunctionRafael Victoria-Pereira2063
03-12-19SQL 101: Embedding SQL in RPG Code, Part 2Rafael Victoria-Pereira2403
01-16-19SQL 101: Embedding SQL in Your RPG Code, Part 1Rafael Victoria-Pereira2977
12-11-18TechTip: Calling SQL Procedures on the FlyJuan Macias2428
11-07-18TechTip: Checking Character and Numeric Data with SQL FunctionsJuan Macias2285
07-23-18Embedding SQL in Your IBM i RPG CodeRafael Victoria-Pereira6452
07-17-18Practical SQL: PREPARE, EXECUTE, and EXECUTE IMMEDIATEJoe Pluta5810
06-04-18Practical SQL: More DB2 ServicesJoe Pluta2964
02-06-18Make Your IBM i Database More User-FriendlyRafael Victoria-Pereira3555
01-05-18TechTip: SQL2XLSX Now Climbs to the Summit of One Million RowsGiuseppe Costagliola4528
11-09-17TechTip: SQL2XLSX - The Starter KitGiuseppe Costagliola8058
08-29-17Practical SQL: Updating a File Using a CursorJoe Pluta5504
06-27-17Practical SQL: Complex Filters Using Common Table ExpressionsJoe Pluta3092
05-15-17SQL 101: Tools of the Trade - Exploring SQuirreL’s SQL EditorRafael Victoria-Pereira3928
04-17-17SQL 101: Tools of the Trade - Installing SQuirreL SQL ClientRafael Victoria-Pereira8604
03-13-17SQL 101: Tools of the Trade - The ACS Run SQL Scripts, Part 2Rafael Victoria-Pereira5420
02-14-17SQL 101: Tools of the Trade - The ACS Run SQL Scripts, Part 1Rafael Victoria-Pereira4571
12-20-16SQL 101: Tools of the Trade - i Navigator’s Run SQL ScriptsRafael Victoria-Pereira3754
11-16-16SQL 101: Tools of the Trade – Old, Reliable STRSQL, Part 2Rafael Victoria-Pereira2296
10-19-16SQL 101: Tools of the Trade - Old, Reliable STRSQL, Part 1Rafael Victoria-Pereira3679
09-21-16SQL 101: Date-Related Functions, Part 4 - Adding and Subtracting Months and Other Neat Date TricksRafael Victoria-Pereira1546
08-17-16SQL 101: Date-Related Functions, Part 3 - Extracting Information from DatesRafael Victoria-Pereira1919
07-20-16SQL 101: Date-Related Functions, Part 2—Time-Saving FunctionsRafael Victoria-Pereira1923
06-24-16SQL 101: Date-Related Functions, Part 1—Converting Almost Anything to a Date, Time, or TimestampRafael Victoria-Pereira3169
05-20-16TechTip: DB2 for i Optimization Strategies, Part 2Michael Sansoterra3015
05-13-16SQL 101: String-Related Functions, Part 5—Cutting and Stitching StringsRafael Victoria-Pereira1861
05-04-16Practical SQL: GET DIAGNOSTICSJoe Pluta6497
04-20-16SQL 101: String-Related Functions, Part 4—“Stringscaping” with TRIM and Related FunctionsRafael Victoria-Pereira2350
03-11-16SQL 101: String-Related Functions, Part 3 - Pulling Strings Around with REPLACE and INSERTRafael Victoria-Pereira3079
03-04-16TechTip: Wresting Your Files Away from SQL Pseudo-CloseJoe Pluta4152
02-26-16TechTip : Embedded SQL - Easy String Manipulation Using SQL FunctionsSumit Goyal3330
02-19-16TechTip: IBM i Services - What It IsDavid Shirey3383
02-05-16SQL 101: String-Related Functions, Part 2 - Changing Case of a String Without %XLATE and MoreRafael Victoria-Pereira5071
01-06-16Practical SQL: VALUES and DB2 ServicesJoe Pluta4231
12-11-15SQL 101: String-Related Functions, Part 1 - Converting Almost Anything to a StringRafael Victoria-Pereira3795
12-02-15Practical SQL: Quick Results with VALUESJoe Pluta5215
11-13-15SQL 101: Aggregate Functions: Discovering SQL's Hidden GemsRafael Victoria-Pereira3412
10-23-15SQL 101: Getting Rid of DFU with the Update and Delete StatementsRafael Victoria-Pereira3726
10-09-15TechTip: SQLing to the Cloud in Seven StepsSteven Goetjen2540
10-07-15Practical SQL: Selecting One of a Set of DuplicatesJoe Pluta4014
09-16-15Introduction to Embedded SQLJim Buck5505
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