Keowee Systems, Inc

Keowee Systems develops custom software and solutions for the IBM AS/400, iSeries, Windows, Linux/Unix, and other operating systems. We focus on technologies including: electronic forms and font software; spool file utilities; custom development of Windows applications with Visual FoxPro; and product marketing and engineering systems for selecting, pricing, and configuring complex products with many options. We are a member of IBM's developer program, Partners in Development.

We develop and market proprietary software products and provide custom systems development and systems integration services for major corporate accounts as well as smaller businesses. Most of our products and services are devoted to the IBM AS/400, iSeries, and Windows platforms. However, our electronic forms software can be implemented on almost every other operating system including Linux, Unix, AIX, Sun, Windows, DOS, HP, DEC, and others.

Our professionals have extensive experience in manufacturing, sales, marketing, and engineering applications, especially for the electrical power distribution and control industry. We are uniquely qualified for developing product configuration, pricing, layout, bill of material generation, and manufacturing processing systems for complex, custom-built electrical power distribution and control equipment, including Motor Control Centers, Switchboards, and custom control panels. Our Field/Factory Automated Marketing/Manufacturing and Engineering Systems (FAMES) product configuration software can be used with any highly complex product. If your ERP configurator just doesn't cut it, you need FAMES!

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