ASNA DataGate

System i databases are widely used all over the world. The System i database offers a reliable and stable environment for organizational data. Over the years, as enterprises started to modernize their operational systems to modern user interfaces and technologies, a new need arose. Successful enterprise applications required a fast and secure database accesses infrastructure.
There are several challenges that need to be addressed: - Connectivity of newly developed applications in .NET, to data residing on System i databases.
- A path for a staged-approach when modernizing System i applications: modernizing the application while keeping the data live and available on the System i database. As System i databases provide a very reliable and responsive database environment, it can be the last item in an organization’s modernization strategy.
ASNA DataGate Is the Answer to the Above Challenges
DataGate is designed to enable database access to applications with a single, integrated view. Applications written to access System i through DataGate can later be connected to SQL Server without change! DataGate provides several options for implementing cross-platform database access.
ASNA DataGate Benefits: - Enables high-performance data access and integration - Provides cross-platform database access - Is fast and scales well - Is secure - Is easy to install and use