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The standard solution i-effect creates a central communication platform for your electronic business. i-effect changes iSeries raw data into the requested format and sends trading documents over the approbriate transmission route towards your trading community. i-effect runs server-based. The solution converts DB2 and ERP files into every EDI format. Spool, DB2 and IFS files are brought into PDF and PC formats. The trading documents reach their receipients over the internet protocols EDIINT AS2, HTTP, FTP, SMTP (E-Mail, E-Fax) or over the traditional networks X.400 (Telebox) or OFTP. i-effect provides files compressly to optimize transmission time and to save storage. Encryption and digital signature protect data and data transfer. Automate your business processes with i-effect. Release more staff and time for value creating tasks. i-effect is available as all-in-one-solution or by modules. Choose your combination of i-effect modules for your current requirements. Future extensions are included fast and simple. i-effect makes your business grow constantly by a predictable and secure pricing model.