If your iSeries messaging system is letting you down, experience the power of iConga. iConga offers complete iSeries/i5 message management. The system is a native iSeries two-way messaging system allowing capture, transmittal, and remote response to iSeries messages from any email device, including email-enabled cellphones. SYSOPR messages may be answered remotely, so you don't need to dial in to your iSeries.

You can monitor multiple iSeries message queues simultaneously and independently with multiple recipient roll-wait functionality. iConga includes explicit iSeries message type subset monitoring, message logging, and user level security. A separate product subsystem ensures application independence and availability. iConga also offers full error detection and full message reply logging.

iConga is a robust message management tool that will not strain your budget. We do not charge based on tier or processor size, and we provide complimentary copies of iConga for multiple LPARs. iConga is available in a Lite Version as well, without the remote response feature.

iConga can work on its own or in conjunction with iSafari within the iJungle. Some of iConga's many features include: