Envision Contact Management module

Surround's Envision Enterprise Solutions are modular applications that can be used standalone or plugged into your applications and further customized.  Robust, tested and pre-packaged Envision solutions speed your development with turn-key functionality.

As a complete system or an ultimate LANSA plug in, Envision Contact Management provides all the contact management capabilities of expensive ERP systems.

With Contact Management you can access people and places like never before. Developed to meet the needs of a broad client set means that Envision Contact Management probably has all of the features on your wish list. Capabilities for multiple phone numbers, mailing addresses, email addresses, and more are already built-in. Our intuitive system, with fully functional Windows and Web interfaces, reduces the user learning curve. Superior usability features abound, like auto-completion, dynamic and customizable toolbars, quick-add fields, and an advanced interface.

Then add that Contact Management is performance optimized and highly scalable, and you'll decide that recreating functionality this robust just doesn't make sense. Your entire company will benefit from increased productivity and profit from the second Contact Management is installed.

That's what we call Software at the Speed of Business.  More at www.SurroundTech.com.