iData Development Ltd developed the iEXL product to generate Excel spreadsheets directly on the Iseries/AS400 IBM i on Power platform. There is no need for any other hardware to use the product. Using menu systems and various screens spreadsheets can be   Designed with: Fonts down to cell level Colours (Background and text) down to cell level Shading down to cell level Cell patterns down to cell level Cell initialization down to cell level Freeze Panes Passwords Images/Pictures both static and dynamic Headings Page breaks Sheet breaks Sheet names Merge cells Cell alignment Functions and Formula Text insertion Text Rotation Text Underline E-mail the spreadsheet Server jobs for performance 50 Database files per spreadsheet The product name is ‘iEXL’ and is in use on both European and North American systems for over four years. It is being used in preference to more established commercial products which clients have already purchased. This is due to cost and ease of use of iEXL. All spreadsheets can be archived if required so that historical spreadsheets can be retrieved. The system has benefits for all departments within an organisation. Examples of this are accounts department for things such as aged trial balance, distribution department for ASN’s, warehousing for stock figures, IS for security reporting etc. Clients at this point (Apr 2012) have created over 250 spreadsheets which in turn have generated over 450,000 E-mails. iEXL has a menu driven email system. Within the iEXLSOFTWARE.COM website you will find a full user manual, installation instructions, a call log (Ticket) system and a downloadable 45 day trial version. Sites include iEXLSOFTWARE.COM iEXLSUPPORT.COM iEXLBLOG.COM    
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