e-Twinax Controller

The only Twinax network solution based on pure TCP/IP - for speed and reliability

e-Twinax Controller

The e-Twinax Controller can be used either locally or remotely to support all Twinax display stations, printers (SCS and IPDS), and existing cabling. The setup is easy for either the hardware or software solution. It eliminates all SNA, AnyNet and MPTN traffic, leaving the network with a single TCP/IP protocol. Pure TCP/IP is routable, easy to configure, and easy to maintain. For remote locations, it provides a secure, low cost connection to the host over the Internet, saving organizations thousands of dollars each month in leased line costs. The e-TwinSt@r series enables direct connection of Twinax devices running over CAT-5 (twisted pair) cabling. It replaces an active star hub and allows full utilization of all eight (or 16) RJ45 sockets.

The e-Twin@x Controller is Power6 and V6R1 Certified and an APEX Award Winner. It was rated 3.79 (out of 4) in eServer Magazine, iSeries edition, with the author noting, "e-Twinax Controller helps you preserve your hardware investment in terminals and printers while you develop or expand your network infrastructure."


For SNA APPC client/server networks, BOSaNOVA offers a complete hardware/software solution, which includes a choice of adapter card (PCI or ISA) and a suite of communications software that connects PCs and PC printers to iSeries hosts. (read about BOSaNOVA® Plus.)