Alliance Token Manager

Alliance Token Manager

Protect against data loss and simplify compliance for data privacy standards utilizing tokenization technology.

Tokenization is a recognized data privacy strategy that replaces sensitive data with a token. The generated token maintains the original data characteristics but holds no value, reducing the risk associated sensitive data loss.

Reduce Risks Associated to Data Loss
Replace sensitive data (credit cards, social security numbers, etc.), stored on the database with a token value. If the files containing tokens are lost or stolen, the sensitive data is not compromised in any way.

Tokenization can help minimize the impact of regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, HITECH , GLBA and individual state privacy laws.

Take Servers Out of Scope for Compliance
Generate non-recoverable tokens, (when the original data does not need to be recovered) using a separate token server and eliminate the need to store the original data in an encrypted format, taking the server out of scope for compliance.

Enterprise Solution

Supported client platforms: Windows, UNIX, Linux, IBM i, IBM z

Supported server platform: IBM i

Software requirements:
IBM i operating system, V5R2 or later
IBM Digital Certificate Manager (no charge) licensed program
IBM 4764 SSL acceleration hardware feature (optional)

Data Sheets

Alliance Token Manager Data Sheet (PDF)

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The Business Case for Tokenization: Reducing the Risk of Data Loss Throughout Your Enterprise (PDF)

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Solution Briefs

Alliance Token Manager Solution Brief (PDF)