Double-Take Share

Double-Take® Share

Double-Take® Share provides easy, on-demand data sharing that breaks through barriers imposed by multiple databases, incompatible applications and disparate platforms. Now it’s easy to capture, replicate, transform and share information in real time and across platforms, allowing you to achieve greater productivity, higher profitability and immediate ROI with no programming required. Double-Take Share is easy to configure and use and requires no end-user training. Its intuitive management console enables complete monitoring and control of day-to-day data sharing. Just point, click and Double-Take Share does the rest. And, because it is application independent, you can replicate applications best meet your business objectives, without regard to the underlying database or operating system. No matter how disparate the platforms may be, Double-Take Share automates transparent data sharing among them so you can focus on your business and be sure that you have the data you need, where and when you need it.