RPGsp (RPG Smart Pages) is an award-winning rapid Web development environment that has been proven and trusted by thousands of IBM i users. RPGsp was the predecessor to the Profound UI modernization framework, and provides many time-saving features that enable RPG developers to reuse RPG assets and extend or create modern, Web-based applications.

As of Profound UI 4.5, RPGsp is included as a module in the Profound UI Suite. Users now have a more complete modernization solution by having the ability to perform both stateful (with the Profound UI Open Access Handler) and stateless (with RPGsp) development. RPGsp can be used with both a hand-coded HTML interface or a Dynamic HTML interface built using the Profound UI Visual Designer.

Because RPGsp supports stateless development, users can create Web pages and applications, like an  E-Commerce site, that will be recognized by search engines. Additionally, RPGsp provides:

Wizards, templates and code snippets to support ease of use and a short learning curve

Learn more at: http://www.profoundlogic.com/prodrpgsp.rpgsp