Universal Backup Device

About UBD

UBD pic 300x133 Universal Backup Device™ (UBD) is a Fibre Channel connected appliance that appears as a tape device to your IBMi (iSeries, System i, AS/400) host. The UBD solution is for any IBM iSeries business that is backing up to tape and is looking to save time and achieve more secure backups.

Replace your tape drive

Replace your tape drive with our Universal Backup Device (UBD) and continue to backup and restore via SAVLIB/SAVOBJ, Save 21, BRMS, Robot/SAVE or any other backup software package without programming changes. Using your current tape commands makes using UBD easy to implement and easy to use.

No more tape handling

Instead of getting up to retrieve and load one or more tape cartridges, you can use the UBD browser-based interface to create and load a new tape image before backup, eliminating all of the manual processes involved with the physical handling of tapes.

Avoid the high cost of VTL’s

UBD also supports CL commands for automating the tape image creation and selection from the IBM i host side. It’s like a Virtual Tape Library (VTL) without the complicated software, operation requirements and high cost.

Faster backups and restores

UBD backups are generally much faster than with tape. Restores are also faster. Partial restores of individual libraries or objects can be many times faster, because the restore command does not have to seek sequentially thru tape media. Instead of taking half an hour to read thru the tape, the restore can take thirty seconds in some cases. In the end, UBD lets you achieve faster and more reliable backups and recovery for your iSeries or AS/400.

Use as a gateway device

UBD can also be used as a gateway device to store backups on your NAS, SAN or any deduplication appliance that supports CIFS, NFS or iSCSI  connections, such as NetApp®, Quantum®,  Exagrid®, EMC Avamar®, etc. UBD is also compatible with most iSeries or AS/400 cloud backup solutions that support Windows files.

Simple installation in just minutes

Our customers are amazed at how easy installation is. Unplug your iSeries or AS/400 tape drive and plug in UBD. Most customers are able to install UBD in under an hour.

Training is easy

Training is simple because UBD does not require programming changes from your current IBMi backup processes.

Automated backups save time and money

Automated backups eliminate the manual processes and costs of tape. UBD allows you to automate your iSeries or AS/400 backups so they can be managed from anywhere because there are no physical tapes involved.

A fast and affordable D2D solution

UBD gives you a fast, reliable and secure backup solution at an affordable price. As a comparison, check out our Cost of tape worksheet to determine how much you may be spending on your tape backups.

Save backups to your off-site DR location

A wise man once said, “You never know a tape is bad until it is, and then it is too late.” With UBD you get peace of mind knowing your iSeries backups are reliable, complete and secure.

UBD is perfect for any size business and budget

UBD is perfect for any size business for any size backup for any size budget. If you currently have an iSeries, AS/400 or System I, UBD is available in a variety of configurations to meet the needs for every business and every budget. And UBD doesn’t care about the size of your backup. The size is limited only by your storage device.

See UBD and what it can do for you and your business

Because UBD uses current IBMi tape commands, the switch from using tape is really fast and easy and will give you confidence in your backups while eliminating unnecessary backup headaches.

Take 15 minutes and let us show you a quick on-line demo of UBD and how it can improve and simplify your backup processes. Call or email for more information and to schedule a time that is convenient for you.