AG Neovo Technology Corporation

AG Neovo designs and manufactures exciting new visual display products for consumers and professionals worldwide. Our displays combine elegant design with superior performance, quality, reliability and value. We are proud to deliver into the market such innovations as our patent pending NeoV crystal optic filter technology. This proprietary technology enhances color definition and image sharpness while protecting the display from damage. Our foldable S-Series base and locking mechanism magically transforms a desktop display into an arm or wall mounted display in seconds. AG Neovo products are setting industry benchmarks for Flat Panel Display design advances. Our displays use only the highest-grade components, a philosophy that has led to extremely high reliability and uncompromising quality. Our Flat Panel Displays are perfectly attuned to discerning consumers and professionals who seek high-end performance at a reasonable price. We deliver what people have been waiting for: elegantly designed products with superior performance and features to replace ordinary "beige box" designs. We truly provide a "Different Class of Display."
North and South America Regional Headquarters 2362 Qume Drive , San Jose, 95131, CA, USA