ARCAD Software, Inc.


ARCAD Software offers IBM i customers an integrated and modular toolset to help them:

  • Manage the application lifecycle,
  • Capitalize on functional and technical knowledge, and
  • Guarantee quality of service.

Following the path of the IBM i – now a truly integrated and multi-technology server – our toolset helps companies harness new technologies at both a technical and human level.


Sixteen years of expertise in our core business and sustained R&D have given ARCAD products unequalled functionality. What also makes our solutions unique is their highly integrated design, based on a central repository. Indeed, the same R&D team has designed all of our core products since the company's inception, which has led to an unmatched level of integration among our tool suites and openness to other platforms. In addition, the modular design of our product range means that the solutions you implement are both flexible and scalable.

We are also unique in the size and skill sets of our technical team, the source of many of ARCAD’s strengths. Our team members, based in Annecy, France, and Peterborough, New Hampshire, are not only recognized for their depth of IBM i expertise and length of time in the industry. They also possess:

  • Extensive experience with diverse technologies,
  • Methodology expertise,
  • Strong integration knowledge, and
  • Commitment to your success with our products.


Responsiveness and follow-through with our customers are our key success factors, and we are committed to maintaining a personal relationship with each and every one of you. All ARCAD employees work in a spirit of maximum quality of service. Our customers are a constant source of input in our development strategy.

Although we are a software vendor, our role does not stop at software development. Our consulting team will work with you through the implementation stages, contributing their experience in successful integration projects and facilitating the transfer of skills.

We like to stay in touch with the daily requirements and concerns of IT departments, so we also offer ongoing training, consulting, and our technical expertise to ARCAD customers. Whatever your mix of development and/or production processes, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can work together to select the right solutions and methods for you and your business.


ARCAD Software was created in 1992. The early years were dedicated to developing our ambitious product line. Our first releases were acquired by very large international customers, who put a premium on software development productivity and maintenance.

The initial ARCAD project was financed by the European Space Agency ( Leaders in the space industry have always been a driving force in innovations in software quality. The scale of the stakes and investment involved has naturally led these organizations to equip themselves with methods and tools to guarantee the most reliable conditions for software change.

Thus, ARCAD is the fruit of two skill sets: methodology expertise inherited from its origins, and technical proficiency on the IBM i platform. The ARCAD solutions apply the same quality skills that defined the success of the space industry to the world of software management. Today, we are one of the three leading global ALM suppliers on and around the IBM i, and the only one that remains under its original ownership.


The ARCAD suites apply to anyone affected by application change, whether you are involved in in-house software development or you are a third-party party software user. Our customers comprise:

  • Small and large companies: development, operations, testing teams, and managers,
  • IT service companies, as a means of transparency when managing outsourcing contracts, and
  • Software vendors, for greater professionalism as perceived by their customers.

Here are a few statistics to help you evaluate potential return on an investment in our toolset:

  • $200 billion are spent per year on application maintenance,
  • IT organizations spend 70% of their time maintaining their applications, instead of developing new ones,
  • 84% of software development projects are not completed on schedule,
  • More than 50% of all business-critical software projects are late, over budget, or deployed with reduced functionality, and
  • 60% of companies in the IBM i market are migrating their strategic applications to a Web architecture. Demand for ARCAD products is high among software developers that are migrating their legacy applications to a Web architecture.

Regulatory Requirements
Besides the increasing complexity of system architectures, external pressures on IT departments have also strengthened the need for ALM solutions:

    • Many companies are subject to laws covering security and traceability of software processing financial and accounting data (Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, Basel II, and Solvency).
    • Certification of software processes. More than one in three large companies worldwide is currently engaged in a certification process (e.g., ITIL, CMM, and ISO). Our software solutions are the basis for any such certification.
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