Belcastro Computer Services, Inc.

All conversion systems are PC based and portable so that conversions can be done either on-site or off-site at BCS DP center. The conversion applications are front-ends (host) and back-ends (target) so that any conversion can be accomplished by matching the front-end and back-end applications to produce the desired conversion without the necessity of reinventing the wheel. All conversion systems are tailored to the customer's style of coding and standards. Tailoring is the main advantage in our conversion systems. It gives our systems "adaptability" and "flexibility". "Adaptability" meaning we can tailor the conversion modules to incorporate customer standards and requirements, and "flexibility" meaning a problem can be resolved or standards can be incorporated as needed during the conversion. We feel tailoring distinguishes our conversion systems from other conversion systems and gives our customers the best possible conversion results. The percentage of automation of the converters range from 85% to 95% depending on the converter. The remaining manual effort is completed by BCS personnel effectively giving the customer a 100% completed conversion.
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