BOSaNOVA iSeries LAN Consoles

Experience the reliability of your old twinax console with the added comfort, features, and functions of today's technolo2gy!

BOSaNOVA LAN Consoles provide reliable local and remote access to your iSeries. Experience the reliability of your old Twinax console with the added features and functions of today’s technology. The BOSaNOVA LAN Consoles work in restricted mode as you would expect, enabling full management of the iSeries.

Use VNC or RDP to remotely access your iSeries; check system messages, check system status, access the iSeries remote control panel, initiate backups from home. Access multiple BOSaNOVA Consoles on the same PC for control of multiple iSeries.

The BOSaNOVA iSeries LAN Console is based on our award-winning 6616 thin client.



Twinax Operations Console
Ethernet/Serial Operations Console

* 1 Serial and 1 Parallel port available with optional PCI card.