EXTOL International, Inc.

EXTOL International Inc. is a provider of business integration software and services, enabling enterprises to connect with their customers and suppliers, and to integrate business processes and information with internal or cloud-based applications. We offer an extensive range of integration solutions, along with comprehensive deployment options and services, including implementation services, remote management, as well as managed services in hosted or on-demand environments.

EXTOL’s corporate headquarters are located in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, and our sales and marketing organization, along with our customer education center, is located in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey (near New York city).

Privately held and profitable, EXTOL International, Inc. has been completely funded by its founders, with no outside investors and no debt. This financial stability and independence has allowed EXTOL to quickly adopt new technologies, to be flexible in executing a “whatever it takes” approach to customer service and support, and to be agile in allocating internal resources to changing customer and business priorities.

795 Franklin Avenue, Franklin Lakes, 7417, NJ, USA