HiT Software, Inc., a BackOffice Associates, LLC Company

HiT Software, Inc., a BackOffice Associates, LLC Company, is a leader in Data Replication and Change Data Capture products for IBM DB2 and many other heterogeneous database environments. HiT Software s standards-based products provide quick access to IBM DB2 data and offer programming-free data integration across enterprise systems. DBMoto provides real-time, bi-directional data replication and change data capture between major databases; Allora provides bi-directional transformations between XML and databases; and HiT DB2 Connectivity products connect applications to IBM

DB2 databases via .NET, OLE DB, ODBC and JDBC standards. Founded in 1994 in San Jose, California, HiT Software is relied upon by thousands of global organizations. Visit www.hitsw.com.

4040 Moorpark Ave., Suite 221, San Jose, 95117, CA, USA