Itheon Networks

Itheon is a leading software and bespoke solutions company specialising in the provision of high availability IT management solutions. Itheon is a world leader in enabling our customers to predict the performance of their business services, the applications and the infrastructure they rely upon. We don’t just stop there. We enable our customers to deeply monitor, manage, analyse, and most importantly automate, their environments to avoid problems and resolve issues before they impact business availability. Our software is used in many different environments, Storage Utility Billing Management, Application and Network Performance and, most importantly, Automating Systems Recovery. We are the underlying platform that many household Managed Services Providers use to deliver their service classes upon In fact our Storage Utility Billing Management software solutions have become a defacto standard for some of the worlds largest storage utility managed contracts. Our automated recovery systems have been implemented to provide automated recovery of critical systems on some of the largest billing systems in the world. We do all this without asking you to buy an expensive and ineffective Framework or toothless SRM tool. Itheon is a privately owned company founded in 1987 and headquartered in the United Kingdom. With many global blue chip companies as customers, Itheon is ideally positioned to help organisations manage their IT more efficiently.
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