KCI Computing, Inc.

KCI Computing, Inc. (KCI) has a long history in the competitive software industry, as well as the nascent business of monitoring and managing enterprise performance. Our mission since 1977, has been to develop and deliver a single holistic software solution that brings together financial and operational data from numerous, disparate sources and applications into one comprehensive enterprise view of the business for value-added planning, analysis, and reporting purposes.

We have earned an outstanding reputation at enterprises across a broad spectrum of industries — from small companies to multi-national, Fortune 100 organizations — for solving complex problems, delivering value beyond mere automation and for considering our customers’ interest as important as our own. No wonder, many of our customers have relied on our expertise and software for more than a decade.

We take great pride in our unrelenting pursuit of a holistic solution, our technical innovation and how nimbly and efficiently we can respond to our customers needs.

For the past quarter of a century, we've had the focus and the commitment. We intend to keep it. You can count on that from KCI and from our CONTROL® software.

3625 Del Amo Boulevard, Suite 100, Torrance, 90503, CA, USA