looksoftware, Inc.


A privately held technology company, looksoftware has been trading since 1995. Our core purpose is to provide our customers with rapid return on investment (ROI) by using our innovative software solutions and 'on-the-fly' architecture, which delivers market leading ease of use and productivity. Our head office is located in Melbourne, Australia. We have direct representation in the US, UK and Asia and, from our network of 140+ Partners, we provide global coverage and support to over 3000 customers. The company is owned and managed by founding shareholders and has achieved healthy revenue growth since inception.


Our experience and knowledge of the software industry has taught us that the keys to success are easy-to-use, powerful tools that deliver rapid ROI by reusing, extending and integrating existing IT assets. Our customers use our products to deliver rapid ROI through non-intrusive enterprise modernization. Our products support real-time, dynamic use, eliminating batch-based, multi-step, error-prone processes. Our functionality includes the rapid application development capability required for composite applications. Our experience with smart, thin and mobile UIs provides a complete UI framework for new and existing applications. Our support for standards such as Web Services and XML provide our customers with a practical, evolutionary path to Service Oriented Architecture.

We invest more than 30% our revenues into product development and market research to maintain and extend our leadership position.


looksoftware products are widely recognized as the easiest to use, most productive solutions available.

All our products share our dynamic architecture, which simplifies and automates the modernization process, delivering repeated successful implementations from our customers and application vendor partners.

When asked why they purchased looksoftware products, over 70% of customers refer to ease-of-use and productivity as the #1 reason when comparing looksoftware products with the alternatives.

"Dealing with complexity is an inefficient and unnecessary waste of time, attention and mental energy.
There is never any justification for things being complex when they could be simple."
Edward de Bono

Distribution Network

looksoftware's products are sold directly to customers and are also distributed via a business partner channel consisting of over 120 companies worldwide. This distribution network is made up of Strategic Partners, Application Vendors and Value Added Resellers. Our business partners include IBM, Microsoft, Fiserv, Sterling Commerce, ACS, Syan and LANSA to name a few.

Target Market

IBM's System i, AS/400, iSeries and System z applications are used by many medium to large organizations - they host thousands of robust applications, many of which require modernization to properly take advantage of Service Orientation and Composite Applications. Our solutions allow these applications to integrate with almost any other platform at the presentation, application and database layers.

Application Vendors imbed our technology in their industry solutions to provide modern, extensible UIs and support for open integration.

What our products do for your existing legacy systems

  • Rapid reuse of legacy applications
  • Rapid web-enablement
  • Application extension
  • Application refacing
  • Application integration
  • Composite applications
  • User Interface framework support for Smart, Thin and Mobile Clients
  • SOA compliant, Web Services provision and consumption
  • DDM database support for DB2 access
  • ADO database support for Oracle, SQL Server, Access etc
  • .NET and J2EE integration
  • 5250/3270 emulation and web-to-host connectivity
  • SSL, FTP and Printer support
  • Integrate with leading application servers, web servers and portals
  • Modernize 5250 workloads to eliminate 5250 OLTP requirements

Business Benefits Delivered

  • Improve business agility by creating easily reusable components from existing applications
  • Improve ROI by delivering new composite application solutions which leverage existing IT assets
  • Improve business communications and customer service by providing a single, unified user interface to multiple information sources
  • Improve workflow efficiency by streamlining applications and automating business processes
  • Reduce errors, costs and improve productivity through business process automation
  • Improve decision-making with access to real-time information
  • Reduce costs by delivering self-service applications to employees, customers and partners
  • Improve service by providing anywhere, anytime application access
  • Reduce risk, costs and time to market using non-intrusive modernization
  • Reduce risk by delivering secured access to information
  • Reduce risk by improving audit tracking of existing applications
  • Reduce costs by modernizing 5250 applications to support the System i Standard Edition

Customer Base

looksoftware's products are used by some 1500 companies in 45 countries around the world. Our customers include De Beers, Kraft, Avis, Schering Plough, Saatchi and Saatchi, Cargill, MLC, Rehau, ABN Amro Bank, US Federal and State Government Departments, Volvo, Wyeth, VicRoads, Australian Defence Department, Nashua, Matsushita, KIA Motors, STX and Toshiba - to name just a few!




5799 Stonehaven Drive, Kennesaw, 30152, GA, USA