Permessa Corporation

Permessa is the leading provider of application management software for messaging and collaboration applications. Permessas software monitors and analyzes Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, IBM Sametime and soon other application traffic and performance across the entire enterprise to help organizations align the application and its supporting infrastructure - servers, storage & network - with the business usage. Additionally, Permessa provides the critical operational insight to quickly and accurately perform high-risk IT projects such as server consolidations, database cleanups and security audits. By monitoring, analyzing and modeling application usage, the organization using Permessa products and/or services substantially reduces their infrastructure and management costs, improves their quality of service and successfully complete major IT projects. Messaging, IM, eMeeting and collaboration applications have become the primary means for corporate communications and conducting e-business. In order to keep up with the exponential growth in email, IM, eMeeting and collaboration traffic, organizations invest heavily in their infrastructure, typically without an understanding of their application usage, traffic and load patterns. Consequently, these application networks have become very inefficient and difficult to manage. Permessa offers a unique top-down approach in managing these applications - starting from the business usage down to the infrastructure. The software analyzes application usage (who, from where, how much, to do what, when, etc.), application traffic, the quality of service it provides to the end users, and finally, the load that the application puts on the infrastructure (how much CPU, storage and bandwidth is used by the application and in what locations).
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