sfaFinity, Inc. is a team of talented individuals dedicated to combining experience and wisdom with innovation and creativity in forging new standards empowering small business enterprises with hosted CRM, consulting and services at an affordable cost.

Every day reveals new challenges and opportunities that increases the complexity of sales and marketing. Market and lead information has to be managed, disseminated and acted upon by your sales, marketing and business development team, many of whom are located in geographically distant locations in the US and worldwide locations. The requirements of a CRM system for your enterprise may sometimes be as complex as a Fortune 1000 enterprise. It is no longer sufficient to address these from a "patch" mentality as that would be like applying a band-aid to a growing open wound. Solution providers that are too married to older technology and older schools of thought find it difficult to truly address the complex demands of a global market without invalidating their own outdated solutions in the process.

It is not enough to have an hosted CRM provider or systems that are based on legacy architectures that force you into business processes that are alien to you. Your enterprise needs a CRM solution that is thought thoroughly from the ground up and experienced from the top down.

Every generation produces a paradigm shift that fundamentally changes the way we think and the way we live. The Webster Dictionary describes the word "epiphany" as "an intuitive grasp of reality through something (as an event) usually simple and striking." We at sfaFinity are founded on an epiphany that enterprise CRM must be "plug n work", easy to use, yet have features and functionality with no limitations, be easily managed and cost-effective.

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