Software Engineering of America

Data Center Management


Established in 1982, Software Engineering of America has built a global reputation as a leader in the field of data center software solutions. SEA is one of the most successful companies in the Data Center software industry, with products used at thousands of installations worldwide. Over 10,000 data centers of all sizes and configurations are utilizing one or more of SEA's products, including 9 of the Fortune 10 as well as 85% of the Fortune 500 Companies.

SEA has flourished since its inception, enhancing and strategically expanding its entire product line to meet the dynamic needs of the automated workplace. Since 1986, SEA has consistently been ranked as one of the Top One Hundred independent software vendors by industry trade journals. A noted industry analyst for Hambrecht & Quist, quoted by COMPUTERWORLD, described SEA as a "high-quality and thoughtfully managed company."

SEA has NO debt, NO outside investors, and over its 20 years has been self sufficient in meeting it's needs in terms of research, development, and acquisitions. SEA has achieved this level of success by adhering to its commitment to develop and enhance products based upon user input and by backing these products with around-the-clock technical support that our customers can always rely on. These policies have been implemented by the President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Salvatore Simeone, who believes strongly in this philosophy of user-driven development and complete availability of high-quality technical support, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In selecting SEA's products, users can be confident that our Product Development Teams are constantly working to create product enhancements based on user input. To ensure this, SEA consistently reinvests over 20% of annual revenues to research and development. This conviction results in robust, user-driven software solutions.


SEA's product line provides the broadest range of functionality available from any one software provider. Our suite includes, comprehensive Data Center Solutions for JCL Management, DASD Data Management, RACF security management, output management, tape media management and console automation along with Consulting and Training Services for all facets of Automated Operations.

SEA's approach to long-term development is User-Driven based on input from our many valued customers. In order to maximize customer satisfaction, SEA will not acquire any product without a strong commitment from the original development team to remain with that product throughout its life cycle. We have found that this approach generates a high level of dedication, expertise, and responsiveness. In addition, considerable activity continues to be focused on developing software for the client/server environment. SEA has expanded significantly its offerings in the client/server environment including UNIX and NT based solutions.


SEA provides the highest quality technical support in the industry for all of it's products, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, worldwide. SEA's Technical Support Department is divided into a three-tier architecture. First-level support usually resolves over 90% of all questions or concerns, if further help is needed, second and third level support is also available to assist and provide solutions.

All second-level support personnel are members of Product Development Teams. Third-Level support will put you in direct contact with the actual lead programmers of a given product group. While most calls are solved at the first-level, involvement with the entire technical support team keeps SEA developers in closer contact with our customers. This procedure enables our developers to respond more efficiently to the needs of the user community.


Software Engineering of America continues to increase market share and strengthen its entire product line with consistent product enhancements, developments, acquisitions, and overall support. These activities are all geared towards improving the depth of SEA's already impressive product line. These diligent efforts to broaden the scope of its product line have facilitated SEA's continued growth in its licensed user base, with products now licensed in over 50 countries.

SEA has recently added to its headquarters a state of the art training facility and holds a series of product seminars every few months throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

In spite of continued software industry consolidation and the shrinking number of software choices available, SEA would like to assure customers of our intent to remain a leading privately-held data software provider in the industry.


Mr. Salvatore Simeone, President and CEO, is a member of the select Chairman's Committee for the COMPUTERWORLD Smithsonian Awards nomination process.

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