X-Analysis: Complete IBM i Application Analysis and Management Suite

The Challenge: Unlocking business critical information from your IBM i and modernizing efficiently


IT is in a state of transition within the enterprise. Back office systems and applications, powered by workhorse platforms such as the IBM i, remain as critical to business today as ever. In order to serve emerging demands, businesses must develop their IT operations to embrace strategic initiatives such as Cloud computing, the mobile enterprise, Web services and Web enablement.


When it comes to modernizing applications, exposing business rules is a critical priority. However, for many IBM i enterprises, core applications – as vital as they maybe remain a “black box” to the teams responsible for modernization efforts. Lack of understanding of the application’s business rules, code composition and dependencies slows development and increases risk, inhibiting the business’ ability to reach its strategic goals on time and on budget.


What IBM i organizations need:


The ability to clearly understand and document the entire business application and expose business rules. This allows them to bring together today’s modern development methods with critical value embedded within the IBM i platform and its RPG, CA 2E (Synon) and COBOL applications.

The Solution: X-Analysis for effortless application documentation and analysis

For more than 25 years, thousands of IBM i developers have turned to Fresche Legacy’s X-Analysis suite of tools to better understand, maintain, enhance and evolve billions of lines of IBM i code.

The X-Analysis Suite: Everything you need to manage your legacy application lifecycle

The world’s leading solution for documentation and analysis of the IBM i, X-Analysis helps organizations modernize their IT operations by quickly allowing developers to gain a full understanding of their RPG, CA 2E (Synon) or COBOL application functions and business rules.


Knowledge of these critical applications allows developers to easily update and incorporate ongoing changes to the base system.

X-Analysis: Application documentation and analysis for IBM i

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Automated graphical views and diagrams provide a complete picture of your IBM i applications. You can easily export this documentation to Word, Excel, PDF, Visio or Open Office.

X-Analysis Modules



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