ASNA announces Palooza 2013 in Barcelona, Spain

Certification / Training
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The 14th ASNApalooza, the ASNA customer conference, will be held in Barcelona, Spain on April 15th and 16th this year. Attendees from around the globe will attend to learn the latest tips and techniques for ASNA's products. Attendees will also have plenty of time to mingle and compare notes on their common issues and challenges. The conference hotel in Barcelona this year is the Hoteles Catalonia.


The theme for ASNApalooza this year is "RPG has never been so powerful." With ASNA's help, RPG isn't just surviving it's thriving! Palooza sessions all focus on how ASNA raises the bar on RPG. This includes ASNA's Windows-based products and IBM i-based RPG. Speakers at ASNApalooza this year include Eduardo Ross, Jonathan Greenstreet, and Roger Pence. There is plenty of fun and conversation to be had at ASNApalooza, but the core value of ASNApalooza is its technical sessions and this year's sessions won't disappoint.


Says ASNA CEO, Carlos Valero, "We're very excited about having the 14th Palooza back in Barcelona. I can't believe how quickly the time has flown by. We'll have attendees who were at the first Palooza (which took place in the previous century!) and we'll have many new attendees. We'd also like to see some of our US customers in Barcelona this spring! Everyone at ASNA is looking forward to seeing our old friends and meeting new ones. We have a superb curriculum, great speakers, a great host hotel, and a great city. ASNApalooza 2013 will be a grand event!"


In addition to the many great sessions, ASNApalooza features keynote luncheons both days, a cocktail reception on the 14th (the night before Palooza starts), and a group dinner on Monday evening. In addition to our speakers, there will be plenty of other ASNA employees on hand to help attendees with their questions and concerns. Barcelona is a beautiful city with many interesting sights, shops, restaurants, and of course, La Rambla and its famous living statues. We hope to see you there!