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Manta announces the availability of a new course, Using Navigator for i. This course is a replacement for the existing Manta course, Using System Director Navigator for i. It is also replacingUsing System i Navigatorin the Introduction to the IBM i Environment series.

IBM Navigator for i, also known as the web console, is a browser-based interface to the IBM i operating system. If you have used System i Navigator, you will see that the web console provides similar capabilities. The major difference is that System i Navigator requires special software to be installed on the user's PC, while the web console uses a standard browser. IBM has announced that IBM Navigator for i is its strategic graphical interface, meaning that future enhancements will be made to Navigator for i rather than to System i Navigator.

The course begins with an introduction to the web console. You will first see how it differs from previous IBM i interfaces. Then, you will see how to start and stop it. Basic use of the web console is discussed next. You will learn how to use the controls provided by the web console to locate and invoke individual functions. You will also see how to use the web console's help facilities.

The course then considers two of the tasks for which general users most often use Navigator for i. The course first covers accessing IBM i messages. Among other things, you will see how to view the messages that have been sent to you and how to send a message to another user. More advanced controls are also covered, including how to filter and sort the data displayed by the console.

Next, the course shows you how to access the integrated file system using Navigator for i. You will see how to create directories and move files between your PC and the IBM i system. The course ends by describing how to enter IBM i commands using the web console and how to invoke the web console's built-in 5250 terminal emulator.

As with all Manta series, a Student Reference Guide is available as a free download for students to use as a reference when they complete the course and are back on the job. A comprehensive Competency Exam is also provided to help students confirm their mastery of the course objectives.

Customer who have an existing license to the Introduction to the IBM i Environment series (or any combo pack which includes it) will discover that Using IBM Navigator for i has already been added to their menu options.

A detailed description of this course and a sample session are available at

For more information, contact Manta at (800) 40-MANTA (800-406-2682). International customers can call (303) 862-4562. Or, explore the Manta ( web site and begin training today.