Using the IBM Advanced Job Scheduler for i

Certification / Training
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Manta announces the availability of a new course covering the IBM Advanced Job Scheduler for i, or AJS, a batch scheduling facility that is available with IBM i at no additional charge.


The AJS Text-Based Interface covers the traditional text-based (green-screen) interface to the job scheduler, as well as the AJS commands. The course is designed for system administrators and senior operators who will set up and manage the scheduler for their installations. Most students will complete the course and its associated Competency Exam in three to four hours.


Another course, The AJS Web-Based Interface, will be released later this year. It covers the AJS graphical interfaces supported by System i Navigator and System Director Navigator for i. It will be followed by a third course, Advanced Job Scheduler Concepts, that can be taken by the end users and managers who may be involved in scheduling decisions, but will not perform the actual work.


Customer who have an existing license to the IBM i Training Library, the System Administration Combination Pack, or the System Administration and Operations Super Combo Pack will discover that The AJS Text-Based Interface has already been added to their menu options.  


As with all Manta courses, a one-year, single-user license for The AJS Text-Based Interface is available for $120. Customers who opt for the entire three-course series will receive a two-year license for the price of one year ($324). Each course will appear in the student’s menu as it becomes available.


You can check out the new series by visiting, where you can see detailed course descriptions and preview any of Manta’s 120 courses and Competency Exams.