Fujifilm Specialty Ink Systems Improves Warehouse Picking Experience With Rocket Software Application Modernization Solutions

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Global ink developer and producer leverages Rocket® LegaSuite Web to streamline application workflow and improve UX

Rocket Software reports that its application modernization solutions have helped reduce IT support calls by 90 percent and enhanced the employee experience at Fujifilm Specialty Ink Systems (FSIS), a leading supplier of ink and consumables for a variety of printing processes including inkjet, screen, textile, label and packaging. FSIS also saw a 15 percent increase productivity during a recent “wall-to-wall” stock check thanks to the improvements to its warehouse picking application.

Rocket Software, a global technology provider specializing in application modernization and optimization, recently partnered with FSIS to improve the productivity of its warehouse operators. A long-time AS/400® user, FSIS powers its ERP, back-office and warehouse systems with IBM i®. Satisfied with the stability, reliability and cost-effectiveness of their current platform, FSIS’s IT team chose to modernize their AS/400 rather than rip-and-replace, calling upon Rocket engineers to help them solve their WiFi connectivity issues and improve the user interface.

The engineers solved the connectivity problem by replacing the company’s green-screen-based host-access solution with Rocket® LegaSuite Web, which maintains a “sticky” session with the ERP system – meaning that if the WiFi connection to the is lost, LegaSuite Web stores the session data locally until the connection is restored. To improve the user experience of the warehouse picking application, FSIS used LegaSuite Web’s powerful UI builder to quickly redesign the application’s look and workflow in just a few months. FSIS had first considered building the UI from scratch, in-house, but found that LegaSuite Web, with its built-in templates and easy-to-use UI customization tools, could meet their business objectives on a far shorter timetable.

“Using Rocket LegaSuite, we’ve modernized our warehouse operations with a more streamlined workflow,” says Kaye Draper, FSIS finance and IT director. “Operators feel that the application is much more intuitive, as most functions are now completed using the touchscreens rather than a keyboard.”

Says Paul Hill, the warehouse team leader, “Combining our ERP system with Rocket LegaSuite Web is making our processes even more efficient. The new system has given the operators bolder, brighter and easier-to-use screens, and has removed the connectivity problems we had before.”

Rocket LegaSuite Web is the easy HTML5 web application development and modernization solution for host-based enterprise systems. It supports most host platforms, including IBM Power Systems, IBM z® and MultiValue. Rocket also offers a related product, Rocket® API, which helps organization create APIs from multiple sources for a better user experience. With Rocket API, organizations can enable real-time access to critical business functions from virtually any application at a fraction of the time, expense or risk normally associated with modernization projects.