Fresche Legacy Acquires Databorough

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Fresche Legacy, a leading provider of legacy management solutions for IBM and HP platforms, announced today it has acquired 100 percent interest in Databorough, a UK-based world-leader in knowledge mining and reuse for the IBM i (AS400/iSeries) platform. The acquisition, which closed August 7th , 2013, solidifies Fresche Legacy's brand and leadership position within the IBM marketplace, and broadens the Fresche Legacy product portfolio to include X-Analysis, X-Migrate & X2E industry-leading solutions enabling sophisticated environment analysis and code transformation from Synon, RPG and COBOL to Java or C#.


"This agreement unites two of the most powerful and knowledgeable players in the System i legacy modernization space," says Andy Kulakowski, President and CEO, Fresche Legacy. "Databorough brings to Fresche Legacy more than 20+ years of AS400/iSeries experience, a highly pedigreed list of more than 200 enterprise customers, and deep technical knowledge. There is also tremendous brand synergy between the two companies. We both have a passion for the customer, and a belief in always going above and beyond to ensure our customer's continued success. We are incredibly fortunate to welcome the Databorough team into our organization."


"Databorough is a highly respected vendor in the IBM i marketplace and the company's flagship product, X-Analysis, is absolutely best in class, providing enterprise IT organizations with robust capability to analyze and understand their legacy System i environments and extract continued business value from their legacy application investments," says Garry Ciambella, Vice-President Fresche Legacy Research & Development. "We have spoken with countless X-Analysis customers, who consistently raved about Databorough's technology, customer support, and the team's technical know-how. Databorough's solution complements and extends our product portfolio, allowing Fresche Legacy to provide our iSeries customers with the broadest and deepest solution for legacy modernization and migration available on the market today. Databorough customers equally benefit, gaining access to an extensive array of modernization solutions, end-to-end delivery services, world-class support, and a strong partner network."


"We have been warmly welcomed into the Fresche Legacy family, and look forward to working with Andy and our Fresche Legacy colleagues to deliver legacy management and modernization solutions that are proven to provide real tangible business value to the System i marketplace," says Mark Tregear, CEO and founder, Databorough. "As a part of the Fresche Legacy organization, we are able to provide our customers with many new product offerings representing the broadest array of legacy modernization solutions, as well as end-to-end service delivery offerings, and managed service capabilities. Fresche Legacy directly extends our North American market reach, and the company's SCP-certified, 24X7 support centre provides our customers with global support coverage, which offers up an entirely new level of assurance and confidence for our products. We are incredibly excited about the possibilities this merger represents for our enterprise customers," says Mark Tregear.